Why Remodel?

Your bathroom is an important and private place in your home. Usually people want to remodel even though there are no major problems in the bathroom. However in some problematic conditions, you must consider remodeling even though you are not interested and does not want to spend. Otherwise conditions worsen and bad things happen especially in older homes.

Following are some of the common reasons:

  • The shower and tub combination is the main asset for a bathroom. For many people, this is the common reason for considering bathroom remodel. You may notice cracks, staining in the tub.
  • Floor is uneven and requires extra backing.
  • Research indicates that you can add 20% more value to your home after remodeling.
  • Leaking water lines in the walls and under the cabinets. Leaking water may result in major damage to the house, for example in floors.
  • Old wallpaper that requires stripping
  • Lead or asbestos in the existing surfaces
  • Floor may rot due to the water in the bathroom. You will find weak spots in the floor that give away when you step on them. To prevent the chances of floor falling out, it is necessary to replace rotted floors.
  • Bathroom fixtures does not work as they worn out after several years of usage.
  • Cabinets are subjected to wear and tear. Toilets does not work due to breakage.

What ever is the cause for your bathroom remodeling, please call DeAngelo Remodeling Inc. for all your Long Island Remodeling needs. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.